Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce (ZKwP - the Polish Kennel Club) - was established in 1938 and then after the 2nd World War re-established in 1948. It gathers breeders, owners and all enthusiasts of pure-bred dogs.

ZKwP has its regional branches in 46 towns in Poland and it is the only national organisation, recognised with FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Every year ZKwP organizes appr. 150 shows, including International ones, along with other events, i.e. Companion and Schutzhund Championships, Agility Competitions, Obedience Competitions, Sighthound Racings and Coursings.

ZKwP publishes its own quarterly magazine PIES.

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Information on mutual recognition of champion titles

Docked/cropped dogs on Polish shows

Banking account number (EUR):
Beneficiary: Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce
IBAN: PL48116022020000000206979122
Bank name: Bank Millennium S.A.
Bank address: ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa, Polska